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Spatial Data & Design (SD&D) was born during the Great Recession. It consists of highly skilled professionals and small companies that found there was a limited demand for their services during this recession. This recession ultimately stopped any long range planning while projects under construction came to a sketching halt as their funding vanished. Compounding the problem, our professionals found their hourly charges were heavily burdened by the high management costs associated with large Engineering, GIS, and Surveying Companies. There was a need to create an environment where seasoned professionals could practice their skills separately, yet when needed, collaborate in a team environment. By flattening out the management pyramid, removing unnecessary overhead expenses, and sharing equipment the fees decrease. SD&D creates this structure for its professionals while providing you with professional one stop services at lower prices. Give us a call - it costs nothing. Let us join your team and help you succeed; on time and on budget!

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