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GPS Machine Control Systems are making earth work more efficient and manageable while reducing operator requirements and increasing the billing accuracy. It is the central component of any complete stake less, automatic grading, surveying, and excavating system. The impementation of a GPS Machine Control System will, no doubt, make your business more efficient and profitable.

A brief overview of some of the benefits GPS Machine Control provides includes:

1. Accurate Grade: If all machines on site are GPS enabled, they simply run all day long, ACCURATELY, even with rookie drivers in the cockpit. The accuracy of the equipment ensures grade within tolerances, on the first pass, reducing work time, eliminating mid job survey crews, bumped stakes, and the like.

2. Job Management: Continual, accurate, and complete jobsite information reduces the strain of managers, superintendents, and billing departments, as the proof is readily available for any discussion arising from the job.

3. Data Management: Automated Reports, daily reports, and other data reports are generated by GPS Machine Control systems on a routine basis. These reports, are archived and distributed to all of the branches of your business to aid in work flow.

4. Billing Departments: The billing department of your company has a perfect paper trail to prove activities completed, amount of material moved, and much more. Never have an argument or pay for their dirt again.


Spatial Data & Design is ready to provide these services or, if you have your own staff, we can help in providing the training for the following:

  • Machine Control Services
  • 3D site visualization and building model creation (DTM)
  • Base mapping and inventory surveys
  • Construction documents
  • Construction layout and staking
  • Site Control established for Digital Terrain Models
  • Geodatabase creation
  • GPS services (Survey-grade, dual frequency receivers, RTK)
  • Preparation of DTM's for use with electronic machine control
  • Subcontractor services
  • Time animated map creation